Monday, February 22, 2010

Target Shopping vs. The Compact

Luckily I took Rick with me so I wouldn't feel so bad going to Target Friday night. You would think people have better things to do on a Friday in the city, but no. The place was hopping.

In my effort not to buy things for the year... I must report that I did very well. We got the cleaning products and daily necessities we needed - diapers, wipes, toothpaste, tissues, etc. And we only bought two things that I would count as "questionable". Batteries for a frother we bought at Ikea a year ago and haven't used since we didn't have the proper battery for it (but we bought the smallest possible two-pack), and sippy cups for Ada since we only have one large one and four small ones and it's the one item she needs for daycare in March. I think both fall under necessities so we're good.

My mom, in her desperate attempt to be supportive of me and thereby my commitment to The Compact, or her crazy love of pictures, offered to purchase the extra sheet of photos from Ada's Valentine's that we didn't use so she can have one on the fridge and in her home office and her work office and one for a friend. All just to save me a little guilt (and have more opportunities to stare at her bubbly little grandchild.) I'll be delivering it next weekend. :)

I will say that I am spending way more money on food these days, but I think that is due to the fact that I'm learning to cook and buying way more food and crazy ingredients than ever before. That makes me want to start composting...we'll see about that. I'm still in the research phase.

And the one thing I really want that I'm not giving in to...yet... are things for my camera. My photography class I'm taking this month is causing a bit of a dilemma. My instructor suggested we get a UV lens cover to protect our camera lenses - a $5 insurance policy for a $100 lens and a smart investment. And there is a software he is training us on that is $250 or so but I might be able to find that used or in a previous version so that's a new challenge. And he told me it isn't smart to connect the camera to the computer to download the photos, but instead use a memory card reader to do that. Easy enough since I have the card reader, but now I want another card so I can switch out between the two. Turns out I have another card, but it's in Granny's digital photo frame displaying adorable photos of Ada and doesn't have the capacity that I need. And I think I have a third card, but I'm not sure where Rick put it last. (It's always his fault since he borrows my camera for work and then leaves important things like the memory card at work so we go on vacation for a weekend and have to buy a new card -- but I never see the original one again, type things.) So there is hope for that yet.

Moral of the story: I must admit, I'm still loving the compact and the effect it's having on our bank account. Amen to that.

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