Monday, May 3, 2010

8 Weeks to go

Whenever anyone says the first child gets all the attention, it's true. Poor BB (baby boy #2) doesn't get anywhere near the attention Ada got in the womb. He does have more ultrasound pictures, but that's the only area in which he can compete -- and that's because our ultrasound tech admitted she goes nuts when giving the parents printouts of their babies. There are only a few images of me and my big pregnant belly. This being the most recent. Rick isn't rubbing lotion on the belly every night to prevent stretch marks like he did with Ada. He isn't talking to BB nearly as much. He isn't running over to feel every little kick and spin. And we aren't planning to get a ton of new stuff for BB so he's going to have to settle for hand-me-downs (don't worry, I've taken out the pink stuff, the tights, the skirts and the dresses).

That doesn't mean we'll love him any less than we love Ada. It just means that Ada is a diva and steals all of our attention. No. It really means that we aren't as stressed out and worried about the pregnancy process the second time around. It's easier. I'm not reading the pregnancy books every five seconds to see what I should be expecting. This time around, I know what to watch for and get concerned about, and the rest is just day to day life-- with a really big belly.

It also doesn't mean that I'm not comparing this whole process with how it was with Ada. I've already declared that he will be coming faster than she did, since that's how it typically happens, but otherwise I am expecting him to cooperate in the deliver room just as she did. I'm complaining about being more sore this time around and wishing my round ligament pain would go away or lessen, and it has finally. Surely I got bigger faster, or I'm telling myself that just so I feel better. I started feeling kicks sooner and find them more annoying than awesome. They got annoying with Ada too but were much more exciting for much longer. My belly button sticks out now and it never did with Ada. The heartburn is worse this time around. And the leg and foot cramps I thought I might avoid with BB, just kicked in this past week, to my utter disappointment.

Then there are the cravings I'm having for chocolate and cookies. Ada wanted fruit and swore me off chocolate for the duration of my pregnancy. Neither are bad cravings to have but I will say I sure am enjoying the chocolate.
I'm hoping BB follows in Ada's footsteps once he gets here. And I'll do my best to make sure he doesn't feel slighted by being #2. Surely there will be benefits to his birth order at some point in his life -- like Ada paving the way and making us a heck of a lot more calm for his turn.
Moral of the story: The more children you have, the less attention they get paid. Try your best to be fair and love them all the same.

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