Sunday, May 16, 2010

Prepositions Need Work

In an attempt to interest Ada in potty training, we have a potty that doubles as a step stool for the bathroom sink. After a messy mulching excursion and a diaper incident that resulted in a leak, I encouraged Ada to try the potty before giving her a bath. PP in the potty turned into PP on the potty lid while she was standing on the potty as a stool to play with things in the sink. Not really what I was going for but I guess we are getting closer.

Out of your mouth is another tricky one for her as she enjoyed chewing on miscellaneous rocks during our outside time.

Off is a struggle as she continues to jump on me and my belly. I'm really not appreciative of elbow drops at this late stage in my pregnancy.

Eventually she'll have an awesome English teacher that will get her all straightened out. Until then, I'll keep working on it.

Moral of the story: Clear communication takes time, and patience. Be sure to stock up on both at this age.

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