Sunday, May 16, 2010

D-Day Fast Approaching

T minus 6 weeks

Minor anxiety approaching, with waves of "Get this thing out of me.", "I quit.", "Are we done yet?", and "Why did we decided to have kids again?".

Crib assembled? Check.

Diapers? Check.

Wipes? Check.

Bottles? Crap. My brother still has those. And my pump. And the Boppy.

Storage bottles for milk? Check.

Ergo baby carrier? Better get that back from Jen. And I guess we'll need the infant insert? Or what about a Moby wrap? Hmmm...

Car seat? Yep. But we should probably dust it off and put it in the trunk of the car in two weeks. But
Rick can always come back to get it since we are just six blocks from the hospital.

Bag packed? Not yet. I don't really need anything since last time we took way too much and Rick just ended up bringing me a change of clothes from home anyway.

Work ready to be passed off? Not quite. But I'm working on it and keeping co-workers in the loop.

Baby clothes? Check. Though we should probably wash them since they've been in storage for two years.

Sleep sacks? Baby hats? Baby tub? Baby wash? Burp cloths? Baby hand covers so he doesn't scratch himself? Check. Check. And Check.

Cord blood donation kit? Just ordered it. Should be here in two weeks. We have to remember to remind the nurses to actually save the cord this time instead of tossing it out like last time.

House instructions for parents? Need to write those up. They're here often enough they'll be fine. Just have to leave clean sheets for them, spare keys and put instructions on the washing machine since it's a bit high-tech.

I wonder what Rick's insurance will actually cover this time. It seemed expensive last time. I should check on our deductible and all that stuff.

Birthplan? I guess I should talk to the doctor about that and make sure they are on board with me not having drugs and all. I'll do that at Monday's appointment.

Who's on call to watch Ada if BB decides to come in the middle of the night or during rush hour before the grandma's can make it here? We should solidify that list a bit more.

I guess we're ready... or we could be with a little help from our parents. Boy is this ever going to rock our world. And Ada's too.

Moral of the story: What is ready anyway? Are you ever really ready? I sure hope so.

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