Saturday, May 8, 2010

Maybe Not Allergies

Ada's date with the Doctoress went well yesterday. The current theory is that she likely doesn't have allergies, but instead has cough induced asthma--which can be aggravated by allergies. She has always had issues with colds lingering in her chest and nasty coughs that hang around. I must admit it was tough to hear the word asthma in her diagnosis. No one wants their child to have to worry about the simple act of breathing, which actually is quite complex. Growing up, my friends with asthma were delicate. Always carrying inhalers. Bringing a nebulizer to sleepovers or leaving early. Not being able to come over to play if their friends had pets. It was tough. Luckily, what Ada has isn't a full blown type of asthma, but it could one day turn into that. Hers is a spasm in her chest that causes her to cough like crazy and then throw up. It is typically worse at night and occasionally bad in the mornings. And we think it coincides with the change in seasons. Hopefully, five days of a drug the Doctoress prescribed should break the cycle she's been in for four weeks now. If this medicine, with a puff of her inhaler before bed doesn't help, then we will try a stronger allergy medicine. We've been trying Zyrtec for two weeks with no luck so plan B involves Singular, a prescription strength allergy medicine. If these attempts fail, then we'll draw blood to have it allergy tested and see what plan C will be.

Through all of this, I've got some guilt about living in the city since the air quality here isn't the best for people with allergies or asthma. Hopefully it won't be an issue and if it is, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

The best part of all of this is that Ada is acting normal and almost completely unbothered by this illness unless she is coughing or throwing up, both of which are rare and short lived. The solution is quick, easy and treatment thus far hasn't been expensive. And I'm so thankful that she isn't contagious since that would just wreck complete havoc on all of our lives.

I'm hopeful this will work and will be thankful when she isn't throwing up all over her bedding at 10 pm when Rick is working late and it's my job, as an uber pregnant mom with a 36 lb child covered in vomit, to get her into the tub, wash her hair, change her bedding, get a new set of pajamas, and start a load of laundry when all either of us want to do is get some sleep. I'm optimistic that the end of all that is near.

Moral of the story: It's great to have a family doctor that you see consistently. You can build trust in them, and they know your medical history so they can see the big picture and start with all of the relevant information to get a proper diagnosis.

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