Monday, May 3, 2010

Coin Management

At the end of each day, Rick empties his pockets out onto the top of his dresser. Eventually the pile gets to be such a mess of papers and receipts and coins and pocket lint and dry cleaner tags that I go over and clean it up or he gets around to sorting it out and tossing out the junk.

What really gets me is the build up of coins. I like to sort out the quarters for when we do laundry in the machines downstairs and put the rest into Ada's college fund jar until we can get to the bank to deposit them. Today, in lieu of opening the top of the "College Fund" jar and dumping them in, I gave her a task. Turns out she is the perfect little coin manager. I tried to get her to count to ten as she dropped them in but she was busy listening to the "clink" sound they made upon hitting the bottom of the bottle. And she really enjoys shaking the jar when she's done. I'm thinking this might become a monthly ritual, or even a nightly ritual when Rick comes home so we have one less pile to sort on his dresser.
Moral of the story: It's never too early to teach your child money management skills. Just be sure the coins don't end up in her mouth.

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