Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ada's Back!

After 10 days of camping with Rick's family and friends, Ada was returned to us last night in one piece. You don't realize how much a toddler can change in ten days until you send them away. Wow!

See for yourself...
She's tan. She's more blond from being in the sun. She's grown -- or at least she looks bigger than I remember. And she has this healthy glow about her from being outdoors --and probably from not being sick since she spent the trip on an antibiotic for a sinus infection and an antacid for reflux, which is now the latest diagnosis as to why she's been having incidents of coughing followed by throwing up. She didn't get that scrap on her chin until after she got back and went on a walk with me. She ran when I said stop and was too busy laughing at mommy having to chase her down the street in flip flops that she lost her footing and skidded across the sidewalk on her chin. Not a move I would ever recommend.
While she was gone, she learned a ton of new words and started to string three words together. She isn't talking much around the house but I think that's just her way to get a bit more attention around the baby. She didn't even seem all that upset to see that he is still here. But she is really connected to Rick again and follows him everywhere. I made sure when Grandma DD left this morning to have her tell Ada "bye-bye" and explain that Ada was staying with Mommy and Daddy. She was acting a bit cold to DD for fear that DD would take her back home after she just got us back.

It's rumored that she was a great little camper, only getting car sick once which resulted in her throwing up on Aunt Terri's DVD player. Oops! She did slip off her air mattress to end up in a heap of blankets at the bottom of the tent a few times -- they were on a hill so that is to be expected. And she quickly learned a love for the lake and boats and all things Grandpa Rich as he became her Daddy replacement for the duration of the trip. She really loves the men in our family.

Moral of the story: If you ship your child off for more than a week, prepare to see measurable changes in them upon their return.

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