Sunday, July 25, 2010

Me Gusta La Playa

That's Spanish for "I like the beach".

Well, actually, Ada likes the beach. I'm not as fond of it since the beach involves sand and in the case of Lake Michigan, really, really cold water.

Lucky for me, Aunt Heather came to visit for the weekend and sacrificed herself for Ada's sake and took one for the team. I surely wasn't going to don a bathing suit and take her swimming five weeks postpartum. Not a chance. Here's Ada saying "Come on Mom!"

Cold but happy. Well, at least Ada is happy. I think Heather is just hoping she can feel her toes again someday.Ada will eventually learn to put her sunglasses on right-side up...

Moral of the story: Some kids love water...even if it is really, really, really cold.

And here I am after finally being convinced that I should prove to Heather that the water isn't really that cold. (I totally lost that one. It's really cold.)

Ada wasn't at all happy when it was time to leave since she really loves the water. We bribed her with ice cream and then never even went to get ice cream due to storms and scheduling issues and being way too exhausted.

For any beach outing, I recommend you go early, think of a compelling reason your child will want to leave, and use baby powder to dry out the sand since baby powder is less of a mess than sand is in your house.

Moral of the story: The beach can be a lot of fun as long as you are prepared.

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