Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thank You

Thank you to Rick for evicting Iain from our room so we'd sleep better...when in reality I just ended up on the couch most of the night and got less sleep than before. He meant well... or wanted the bed to himself... or maybe he was just looking for a 2am cuddle session with Ada since Iain woke her up from his new bunk in the dining room outside her door.

Thank you to Rick, again, for putting my cell phone right next to the bed with an alarm set for 8 am to make sure I got up in time to get Ada off to daycare. Too bad he set it for 8 pm instead and didn't turn it on quiet mode. Ada saved me by coming into our room at 7:50 anyway so I was up before 8am... and 8pm for that matter.

Which brings me to thank Grandma DD for calling my cell phone next to the bed at 7:07 am out of concern that I needed something since I called her twice last night and didn't leave a message. She couldn't have known I had finally gotten Iain calm, quiet and sleeping right next to me on the bed when the phone blared. And what would have suggested that a new mom would be sleeping at 7 am anyway? That's crazy talk! (Sorry for cursing at you DD...)

And while I'm being thankful... thank you to the garbage truck that woke us up two days ago by driving down the alley at 6:30 am while we had the windows open to catch a breeze on the only non-humid day in a month. Thanks again to the garbage truck for repeatedly banging the dumpsters to get them thoroughly emptied out and stirring up their stench so that it would waft downwind, into our bedroom window as the sweet smell of rotting refuse. Not only were we left deaf from the banging, but we had no desire to breath through our noses ever again.

Thanks also go to Rick for running late, and to Iain for deciding to eat right when it was time for me to go to knitting night on Monday. I got to knitting 45 minutes late, ate dinner while nursing Iain again, and didn't even get my knitting project out of the bag before it was time to go home.

Thanks to Iain again last night, while I was out to dinner with friends, for crying for 45 minutes straight before Rick had to tell me to come home to help. Iain only managed to distract Rick enough to overcook Ada's dinner to the point of ruin and cause him to miss her overflowing poopy diaper and its ensuing rash. Poor Ada. Fixing the wrath of that diaper became my first priority and was plenty good punishment for trying to have another night out. If the garbage truck didn't make me permanently deaf, Ada's screams just might have done the trick.

And, what the heck, I might as well thank a few more places... to Piece pizza restaurant for being too busy to accommodate my little family for our friend Bob's birthday dinner on a Friday night during a torrential downpour. To that same storm for closing our local Stella's Diner on Saturday morning with water damage and preventing me from having my current favorite breakfast meal including a chocolate shake and a hobo skillet. Then I give thanks to our new favorite burger bar, DMK Burger, for also being too busy to host our family on a Saturday night. And finally, to Chalam Balam, the local tapas place, for being closed on Tuesday nights after I had talked it up to my friends and was craving the sangria.

Moral of the story: You can always find things to be thankful for... especially when you use sarcasm.

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