Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Do all crib sheets suck?

Calling all moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers, or anyone who will read this really...

Do all crib sheets suck?

Is there such a thing as a crib sheet that doesn't tear at the 4th corner when you put it on the mattress?

I ask because I've got 2 types - two of each - from target (circo all white sheets and tiddlywinks with the zoo animals on them) and at this point, I've thrown 2 out and have one on her bed currently that just tore as I rounded the last corner.

Obviously I need to by them from somewhere other than Target and skip these two brands.

Does anyone have a suggestion for brands you like? That work? That don't cost a mint and don't cause me to become a sailor and put earmuffs on my child when I change them? (I've been working on my swearing but seriously, a mom can only handle so much!)

If you know the magic trick, let me know. Otherwise I'm going to have to start learning the army fold of a flat sheet and hope that she doesn't figure out how to get into trouble with it.

Moral of the story: Baby crib sheet design should have some openings right now because I can think of a few people that aren't qualified to design crib sheets.


ruthegator said...


We got these as a gift, and they are awesome. The bottom part stays on the mattress, and you just zip off the top part quickly to change it. Get a few of the top sheets to have a clean one on hand.

Super quick and easy. We've been so pleased with them.

ruthegator said...

I should also add to my last comment--yes, these are definitely more expensive than regular sheets, but they are still in great shape after about a year and have caused me zero frustration. And were I in a situation where I needed to change sheets quickly (i.e., middle of the night pukefest) I wouldn't even need to pull the mattress up. They are that easy.