Monday, March 2, 2009

Pedialyte Coupon

It all started with a Pedialyte Coupon....

The coupon was in the Sunday Chicago Tribune. We had Pedialyte on our grocery shopping list as I always try to have some of the individual bottles on hand just in case Ada gets sick. They only last 24 hours once you open them so no reason to get their big bottle unless you use a lot of Pedialyte.

So I send Rick and the two dollar off coupon to the store. He comes back with Pedialyte Popsicles. "They were all out of the single serving bottles so I thought we'd try these."

"Really? That's not really what I was going for but okay." Ignore the fact that we have a whole box of Popsicles in the freezer right now.

So today I decided I'd give the Popsicle a try. I gave Ada a blue one to see what would happen. It started out well. She appeared to be enjoying it.

Then she started chewing on the plastic so I moved it up.
Then she started sweeping it across the floor. I cleaned up the mess and tried to help her get a hold of it a little better.
Then it broke in half in the plastic sleeve and she started screaming at me to leave her alone because she was doing just fine without my help. You know that "Ehhhhhhehehehhhhhh" cry. So I left her alone. Then she pulled it out of the plastic and started crawling across the floor of the kitchen with it.

Bye Bye Popsicle. We'll try again later when you're older. Better luck next time.

Until then, I have over 2 dozen Popsicles in my freezer -- which is about the size of a postage stamp. Maybe an international postage stamp, but still.

Moral of the story: Be sure to always feed your child on an easily washable surface in washable clothing. See photo below for further support of this moral.

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