Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's getting hot in here...

What's that on Ada's back?

Uh, I donno.

It looks like some sort of rash.

Yep. Looks like sandpaper kinda.

Let's google it.

Could be chickenpox. No. Scarlet fever. No. Strep Throat. No. Measles. No. Insert 20 other possible things here. No.

Let's just wait and see if it disappears. Give it a few days. She doesn't have any other symptoms and it doesn't itch, seems mild, and is only on her torso so let's watch to see if it spreads or what it does.


2 days later- day 2

Nanny Ashley texts, "What's this rash on Ada's back?"

"I donno. Just got it 2 days ago. Keep an eye on it and I'll take her to the doctor if it gets worse or persists. Watch her for a fever and let me know if she gets weird."

5 days later- day 7

Me to Rick. "I think it's getting better. Doesn't seem as bad today. Not that it was ever 'bad'."

Next day -day 8

Rick to me. "No, I don't think it's getting any better. Seems the same. Why don't you take her to the doctor(ess) Wednesday when you're off work?"


Next day -day 9

"Fine. I'll call and see if they think I need to take her in. I'm sure it's nothing but let's be safe."

I call the Nurse hot line.

"Is it raised? No. Any puss? No. Purple or Red like blood? No. White? No. Anywhere else on her body? No. Does she have any other symptoms? No. Fever? No. Allergies? No. (Insert another 20 questions here.) Well, I'm not sure what it is but you should take her in just in case since it's been around for so long. Better safe than sorry."


At the Doctor(ess') office:
(Nurse weighs her -- Shock! 28.6 lbs! I have an elephant. No wonder my back hurts!!!)

Doctoress: What's up?

Me: Ada's got a rash on her back.

Doctoress: Any allergies? New lotions? New foods? Health problems?

Me: No. No. Nope. Nothing.

Doctoress: What does she sleep in?

Me: Oh, a bunch of hot stuff. You know. Fleece footie pajamas. A fleece blanket. A plain fitted bed sheet. And we have radiators so it's super hot in our house. But I try to leave a fan on to cool things down. It's heat rash isn't it?

Doctoress: Yep. That's what it looks like to me. And if she sleeps mostly on her back, that makes sense.

Me: Yep. That crossed my mind and makes total sense but I had to make sure since I looked it up on the Internet and wanted piece of mind that it wasn't strep or scarlet fever even though she had no other symptoms.

Doctoress: Yep. She just needs to wear one layer less than you do. Maybe try to put her in a baby Y shirt. What do they call them? A wife beater. I think they make them for little boys. Probably not for little girls. But something cotton should work. Something without snaps.

Me: A tank top? Okay. I'll do that.

So what shocked you more? That Ada's got heat rash or that the Doctoress (super nice and African American, beautiful, impressive, didn't introduce herself to me when she came in which was weird) said "wife beater"?

Moral of the story: Pick one or both.
Don't over dress your kid because they'll get a rash. AND/OR Don't use words like "wife beater" when you are making a first impression and in a professional setting such as a Doctor's office.

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