Monday, March 2, 2009

Inching closer to walking

A week ago Friday, Ada took two steps with nanny Ashley. This past Friday, she took 4 steps unaided with Mom and Dad. Sunday night we got 4 more after a dozen attempts that mildly resembled face planting on replay. Two steps, fall. Two steps, fall. Two steps, fall.

During this stage I'm getting a few common comments:

She'll be walking anytime now.

She'll start running the next week.

She'll slim down once she starts walking everywhere.

You're so lucky she's a bit of a late bloomer. (I know. It's awesome. I don't know why people aren't more proud of their late bloomers. I know I am. Go Ada! Take your time honey. Mommy's so proud of you!)

Every child develops differently. I'm sure she's in the range of what's normal.
Followed by: My first didn't walk until 16 months but my second wanted to chase her around so she started at 9 months.

I think kids start walking sooner when they have a dog/cat or siblings to chase after. Gives them more motivation.

I'm just excited that her walker can entertain her for a half hour. She's getting more exercise. She is taking one nap that can be anywhere from a half hour to two hours long. And she's still sleeping beautifully through the night.

I will admit that Rick and I shared a pretty big "high five" as soon as she made it those four steps. I'm glad we were both there for it. And I'm really glad she hasn't just taken off and is still taking her time to figure out how she wants to go about doing things. This is all on her timeline.
She's in charge.
She's taking her own sweet little time.
Not growing up too fast.
Savoring each stage in life.

And I think that's the moral of this story, and the story of life. So s-l--o---w d-----0-----w----n.

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