Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pregnancy vs Feet & Hair

Some of you may have heard that your feet get bigger during pregnancy and your hair changes somehow. I thought it was weird when I was pregnant that I was wearing size 8 shoes instead of 8.5 but just thought it was a new brand and they sized them differently--of course that's when I started buying Cole Hanns with the Nike technology because Oprah said they were the best. I got them on sale but still paid a mint, and loved every minute of them.

Flash forward to my spring wardrobe and I'm pretty SOL when it comes to covering my feet. None of my 8s fit. My feet SHRANK and then GREW BACK! So now I am trying to get the most out of my boots and my tennis shoes until I can find dressy flats that are comfy for the warmer weather. URG! Just another one of the MANY sacrifices of motherhood. Tip: Buy cheap shoes during pregnancy.

Additionally, I've heard a lot of people talk about how their hair turned color, got more grey(obviously! Kids are the #1 cause for grey hair--unless you are Obama and, well, he's just doomed to be all grey in a matter of months), or straightened, or curled. In my case, I think my hair is a shade darker, surely more streaks of grey, and I have funky curls in the back now. Weird.

I will say too that I think my fingernails are stronger as a residual effect of the prenatal vitamins and I'm okay with that as a mini mom bonus.

Speaking of body changes, I don't even have to mention the spare tire that just lingers--but I will. :) I'm negotiating with higher powers to have it recycled or donated to someone who needs it more than I do.

Moral of the story: Everything changes when you have kids. Mostly in a good way. (I guess I get to go shoe shopping now. Too bad I'm not much of a shopper.)


Anonymous said...

See if the higher powers will throw in a two for one deal...

ay said...

is that a two for one deal on the shoes or babies? I can't do twins. :)

Anonymous said...

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