Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dreamy Bubble Bath...

Ever need to relax and draw a nice, warm bath?

You crawl in and adjust the water to stop scorching your skin. Pull back the shower curtain for some privacy in case someone walks in accidentally.

That's what I did just the other night. I got the flu and wasn't feeling very good so I thought a bath would improve my situation.

I got the water just right. Got settled with my makeshift pillow to keep my ears above water (Ada's rubber duck upside down works great). Quiet house. Ahhhh!

Sniff. Sniff. What the hell is that smell?

Ug! The diaper pail is 6 inches from my nose and rank nasty full of dirty cloth diapers. Gross!

I tried my best to picture myself on a beach somewhere warm with an umbrella drink in my hand, but after about 3 minutes, it just wasn't worth it. I got out, dried off, dressed, and did the laundry. Talk about calling Cinderella back from her elegant ball. I didn't even get to enjoy the bath at all. At least I'm clean and the diapers are clean. There is that.

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