Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day Whirlwind

What an action packed weekend. It started by my sister-in-law Heather coming to town. She took Ada for a long weekend Thurs-Sunday. Rick and I went to see the new X-Men movie and then went to bed. We don't know how to go on a date anymore and couldn't even stay up to make it dinner and a movie. It was dinner and take out from Big Bowl, in bed by 10.

Then we went to work and to a birthday party that stared with appetizers and led to a karaoke bar, broken ear drums (who needs water boarding when you can do karaoke?), and a drunken trip home. We both decided we can't party like we used to-- because we never used to. We just aren't trained as party-ers. We'll just have to find other lame ways to have fun.

So then it was time to get up Saturday, quick clean the house while Rick slept off his hangover. A fast breakfast at Stella's diner down the street -- yummy ham and cheese omelet-- and off to grandma's house. We arrived to see the whole family and extended family as Rick's granny's sister flew in and her 2 other sisters came for lunch-- with their families. Whew! This was the group photo shoot minus Danny on the end... I tried to set a timer and then the neighbor came over to take the photo because we were in a small town and everybody knew the neighbor so it made sense to ask her to come take the picture. Of course! But the timer went off anyway and this is what we got...

And of course we needed some photos of aunt Heather. After all, she did fly in for the weekend. (Ada kinda likes her.)

And then we had to catch babies falling from the sky. This is Ada's favorite game to play with Dad, next to tickle monster of course...
And somewhere among all of the chaos, we made Mother's Day cards. Ada's first experience with stickers. And they turned out really cute, I think. And yes, I did help with the bubbles because she kept trying to eat them. They were so small... she helped pat them down to make them stick though. And she put the fish on upside down all by herself.

And this doesn't even show how we spent time with my family too. I found out I'm going to be an aunt again... my brother's #2... and we ate and ate and ate -- which we always do when we go to grandma's houses. Oh, and it doesn't show how sleep-deprived we are since Ada had a cow at midnight on Saturday and slept in the middle of our bed, pushing Rick to the far edge. She's trying to get those darn molars to come in.
And then we get home and she's sleeping a ton. 6:45pm last night and I am going to get her up now at 9 am. Growth spurt or teething, whatever it is, she needs her rest after a long and crazy, fun filled weekend with family.
Moral of the story: Frequently, when you have kids, you'll find that you need a weekend to recover from the weekends.

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