Saturday, May 2, 2009

Save the Drama for Your Momma

While out on a date with Rick the other night... (translation: I went shopping for shoes after work, then we went to a student art sale, then to a local Mexican restaurant two blocks from our house...home by 8 pm...) we stopped into a local store that I like called P+L. It's a neat little boutique with men's and women's clothing, super cool owners who had a baby boy about 3 months before I did, and they happen to have a few baby t-shirts too.

I happened upon an adorable T-shirt for Ada that spoke to me. It was soft, cute, and best of all it says "Save the Drama for Your Momma" and has a kangaroo and a joey on it. I'm always saying that too her and just had to have this t-shirt. It helped that it was on sale too. So in my infinite wisdom, I decided I wanted to photograph it and send a picture to P+L in case they want to ever put her in their newsletters. They tend to have model shots showing off their stuff and I figure I can offer her up as needed. Too bad my photography skills are so rusty.

Here is my first attempt: Blurry and shows nothing of the t-shirt.
My second attempt: a bit blurry, can't even come close to reading the t-shirt, but doesn't she look cute in that skirt with her girl power pose and chunky baby legs?
And my final attempt: Better... but still not all that great.

She wears the shirt every other day it seems so I'm sure we'll get something cute eventually. Fashion photography is much harder than it looks... especially when your model is a moving target/toddler.

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