Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Little crap!

What a day.

So far, Ada didn't get up until 9:30. Nice.
Ate breakfast - made a mess. Got a shower. Okay.
Did laundry, played with the laundry machine buttons. Fun. Beep Beep Beep.
Put clothes away. Realized Nemo wall stickers are more than one parent can install alone. Fine.

Then came the poopy diaper. "Poop. Poop." I think she learned a new word. Yeah.
Got the diaper off and in the blink of an eye, Ada has taken off running all over her room.
"Get back here or you'll get poop on your dress!" "Ada, come to momma." "Ada." Slightly escalated as she starts grinning... "Ada, get over here now, please." I coerce her over with a stuffed animal. Why is she all wet? Damn it Ada. She peed on the floor. I wipe. She takes off. I catch her again. Ug. Her feet are wet. There are pee prints all over the floor. Damn. Damn. Damn. I wipe her feet, legs, hands, butt. She takes off again. I grab her again, wrestle her into the new diaper. Throw the wipes away. Garbage is filling up. Better take that with me too. Yuck. My feet are wet. Set the diaper and garbage down. Grab 2 wipes and attack my feet, the floor and all surrounding areas while keeping her from running through the pee again. Grab the garbage and the diaper again. Drop the garbage in the kitchen. Once in the bathroom, dump the diaper in the diaper pail. "shit." That's a poopy diaper. I have to rinse it first. Grab it out of the diaper pail. Poop falls like big glob of cookie dough onto, yep, the yellow bathmat that is a pain-in-the-rear to clean because it has a rubber back and we have to put it through the wash machine downstairs so as not to ruin our new fancy dancy expensive machine and then it unbalances and so we have to throw it in with other stuff and basically this means it will just sit by the back door for a month or two. Great. And we just got it back into the bathroom 2 weeks ago maybe. Ug. I grab some TP, scoop the poop into the toilet. "Damn." The diaper is still in the toilet. Now I have to shake out the diaper without dissipating the poop lump. Tricky. Flush. Ring it out. Put it in the pail. Scrub hands, arms, under fingernails.

Thanks Ada. She's playing on the still clean part of the yellow bathmat with a comb. Nice.

And it just turned noon.

She's currently next to me with a face full of pasta sauce and hair that has a reddish tint from the tomatoes. Time for a quick wipe down and a nap. Thank God for naps.

I can't skip yoga today. I need some peace and calm. Gesh, Kids! Any tricks for washing bathmats? I'm sending Rick out to buy a new one today.

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RebeccaC said...

You lead such a glamourous life ; )