Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nanny Secured

I've been too busy reading the Twilight series in a matter of a week and watching the movie 4 times to possibly have time to post anything exciting in our lives. My bad. Sorry.

In the past week or so, we hired a nanny --Courtney. She seems super nice and good with Ada and I think she'll be a great fit for us this summer. So that's fun and exciting.
It just hit me today, with 2 weeks left, that Ashley is leaving. It's weird having a nanny for a long time and then switching it up. She's been a really good fit for us. Luckily, she got a full-time nanny gig here in the city so she'll still be able to babysit Ada. That's always nice.

And Ashely just learned where the plunger was yesterday, darn it. Takes so long to get a nanny trained and up to speed. (It was a minor toilet clog and she fixed it just fine.)

Next week, Ada is giving Ashley 2 days off to go chillax with her aunt Heather and grandma Ba. Heather is flying in for the Mom's day weekend. That means I get two days off too! Yippee!

Lame update. I know. What more is there to say? Change sucks but that's life. Hopefully Ada adjusts better than I do.

Here's a photo just for fun...

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