Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Neighborhood Parade

It turns out our neighborhood has an annual memorial day parade. There is this thing they started 46 years ago called the Wellington Oakdale Old Glory Marching Society (WOOGMS) and some guy in the neighborhood organizes it and everyone comes out to walk about a mile to the local hospital and have a BBQ. So we decided to go. I wasn't expecting much and was pleasantly surprised to see about 1000 people with kids and dogs in tow. The Jessie White Drum Corp comes to give us a beat to march to, and the Jessie White Tumbling Team does a performance at the end. We had a great time --in as far as I could since I caught the flu just hours before the parade started -- which just happened to be our 7 year wedding anniversary too. Yikes.
Ada's first participation in a parade.
Ada's festive dress and hat.

Ada and Daddy with her first flag.

Ada and her friend Luke from down the street.

Moral of the story: Chicago may be a big city, but we can have some serious small town fun, too.

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RebeccaC said...

Cuteness overload alert! Hats, smiling, flags and baby boyfriend hand-holding?! This is the cutest day EVER!