Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Nanny take 26!

Got the new nanny yesterday. Like her a lot. She missed the bus this morning and was five minutes late but called me early to let me know and was super apologetic. That's cool with me. We've all been there.

Ada seems to like her. The little thing keeps falling asleep earlier than her scheduled nap -- like while on the swing at the park or while eating lunch -- and my theory is that she's having too much fun with the nanny to stay awake. This nanny is super intense and all about Ada whereas I'm a bit more laid back (read: busy) and don't play with her as much. But so far so good. And I've already passed her name around to all of our nanny friends so that she can pick up extra hours here and there to help us moms out.

It's kinda weird knowing that I only have her until mid August and then we switch things up again. I think I'll be more tolerant of little stuff if that's the case. And my co-worker's wife is looking for a preschool for her 3 year old and that got me wondering, when do I need to put Ada in daycare or preschool? I think she'd be more open to it now but she's also so clingy this past few weeks that it might not be as fun as it sounds. And finding somewhere 3 days a week that is flexible... ug. Not exciting.

Moral of the story: Just keep going with the flow. Eventually you'll end up somewhere.

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