Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ada the Explorer

Ada is addicted to Dora the Explorer. What started out as an attempt to get her to talk a bit more and learn some new words, has turned into a nightly demand for more Dora. While I find it to be extremely annoying and hate getting the catchy songs stuck in my head, she thinks it is the best thing on Earth. Either way, she is learning new words and it entertains her while we have to put Iain to bed so Dora has been a big help.

And speaking of explorers, there is a new place in Chicago that just opened up called Explore and Much More where Ada's friend Clara just had her birthday party. It is a two-story space with an indoor playground, climbing wall, party room, inflatable bouncy room, and this air tubing thing that you put colored fabric and yarn balls into and it spits them out the other end for hours of entertainment.

Here is Ada pushing a ball into the machine. A blast of air escapes when she puts the ball in, and the ball is quickly sucked through the twisted tubing and shot back out into the room.
The whole place feels like a miniature version of something out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, minus the annoying kids and safety threats. The kids were entertained for two hours and could easily have stayed much longer.

Moral of the story: Kids love to explore and learn new things. Exposing them to a variety of places and things, and maybe a little bit of television, can burn their energy and expand their minds.

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