Sunday, October 17, 2010

Iain Got a Nanny

We finally broke down and put up an advertisement for a part-time babysitter or nanny for Iain. For the first three months he was easy to manage since he napped so much, but trying to get work done this past month has not been easy. We only got one response, but we liked her. Her daughter, who is about my age, came with her to translate since English is her second language and Spanish is her first. She has four grown children and was a nanny for four other kids, practically raising two of them so she is clearly qualified. I think she's the Mexican version of Grandma Ba in that she loves babies and has that motherly glow about her. You can just see it. I think some of that is cultural too. Ada was instantly in love with her and her daughter.

Neither Rick nor I speak Spanish but I've always wanted to learn and have picked up enough along the way to at least communicate on a very basic level. The fact that we had foreign exchange students growing up and that I've spent time in two Spanish-speaking countries makes me more confident. That, and my pocket Spanish dictionary, and my seven years studying French which is structurally similar as I understand it. And I have her daughter and son's cell phone numbers and email in case we need to communicate anything difficult or critical. That still doesn't make it any less stressful to have someone new come in and watch your child. Rick hasn't even had him alone for an entire day yet. I plan to start out slowly and work from home the first day, and then go into the office for part of the second day. Rick hasn't had much luck giving Iain a bottle so who knows what we'll get.

I just know I'm relieved to have a plan and I don't feel so overwhelmed by doing it all myself. I just hope Iain goes along with the plan.

Moral of the story: Parenthood involves constant change. Try your best to adjust easily and know that it is okay to be emotional, but try to keep it in check.

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