Wednesday, October 20, 2010


When you see an opening, you take it and run.

It was bookclub Wednesday and it only came around once a month. Dinner was fresh out of the oven. Ada and Rick had just arrived from her day at preschool. Iain was down for bed and I grabbed a bite to eat with Ada on my lap matching me bite for bite, both being bites of my dinner. In my rush to finish preparing dinner and getting Iain down to sleep, I completely forgot to get ready for bookclub before we shut Iain into our cave of a bedroom with all of my clothes and accessories. We put him down in our bedroom and then transfer him once we no longer want access to the rest of the house, making it problematic to go back into our bedroom to retrieve things once he is asleep. Since I was running late and had had a crazy day, I decided to just embrace my lack of preparedness. I could have put makeup on, changed into a nicer top, put on earrings, combed my hair and found shoes that matched my outfit. Instead, I made dinner while watching an episode of Parenthood, ate and left. So what if I wasn't wearing a bra to bookclub and smelled like burnt breadcrumbs from dinner. My bookclub friends didn't ban me from attending. We didn't have a "no matching shoes, no bra, no bookclub" policy (at that point anyway). It didn't matter. That was why, when I saw the opportunity to duck out of the house, poorly dressed as I was, I took it. Brown tennis shoes, white socks, jeans, no bra, grey shirt, army green jacket, and a swipe of mascara was the best I could do. I don't know if anyone even noticed since I was not considered a fashionista of the group by far.

Moral of the story: It is better to be out of the house looking less than perfect than stuck inside missing out on your life. There is always more you can do and sometimes, it is better to just let it wait until you get back or let someone else deal with it.

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