Saturday, October 2, 2010

Why Our House is a Mess

Rick: "My plate with the pear core on it is still over here on the desk."

Amanda: "What? Why?"

Rick: "Iain and I are moving to the living room. One hand for the baby, and one hand for my beer. That's all I've got," he says while grinning ear to ear and holding his beer high.

Amanda: "Nice. You're such a #%$*head," I mutter as I dump the core into the garbage and put the plate by the dishwasher.

Note: Swearing is excusable when Ada is asleep, as she was during this exchange.

Moral of the story: Husbands can often be counted as a third child. They are helpful when they want to be, but often leave more messes to be cleaned up.

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